A Request to our Readers

It is tempting in a liberal world, in democratic societies, to fall into the quietism which limits prayer to private piety and the hidden life.  But in the same way that we ought to bring the truths of faith to bear in all our external dealings, we should bring the troubles of temporal affairs into our prayer.  Prayer is not merely a private act, but a public one.  The liturgies offered by the Church are public acts of service—service to God, on behalf of the people. And just as the individual good is inseparable from the common good, our prayer ought always to involve supplication for the good of the community and concern for the preservation and perfection of the secular order.

Today in the United States is the highest feast day in the political calendar.  We ask you, dear readers, in the spirit of St. Pius V, to pray Psalm 73 (74) and offer a rosary for the conversion our rulers and the restoration of Christ’s social reign among us.