From time to time, we offer translations of relevant texts which have not yet been made available in English. Below is a complete list of of the translations we have published so far.

Pope St. Gelasius I
Letter to Roman Emperor Anastasius “Famuli Vestrae Pietatis” on Gelasian Dyarchy

Pope Pius VI
Consistorial Allocution “Quare Lacrymae” on the Martyrdom of King Louis XVI of France

Bl. Pope Pius IX
Consistorial Allocution “Maxima Quidem” on the evils of the day

St. Thomas Aquinas
Whether Heretics Should Be Tolerated” from Scriptum Super Sententias, IV.13.2.3

St. Alphonsus Liguori
The Utility and Necessity of Prohibiting Harmful Books from Theologia Moralis, Book I, Appendix III.

Ireneo González Moral, S.J.
On Civil Authority, and on the Relations between Church and State from Philosophiæ Scholasticæ Summa, Vol. 3, art. VI.

Tommaso Maria Cardinal Zigliara, O.P. 
The Duties and Rights of Subjects toward the Civil Power from Summa Philosophica, Vol. 3, Book II, ch. 2, art. 7.

On the Mutual Relations between Church and State, from Summa Philosophica, Vol. 3, Book II, ch. 5.

Article One: On Political Atheism.
Article Two: On Liberty of Conscience.
Article Three: On Liberty of Cult.
Article Four: On Liberty of Teaching.
Article Five: On the Subordination of the State to the Church.

Erich Przywara
A Hymn to Christ the King